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HHBC Ministries

Welcome to Hickory Hills Baptist Ministries page.  All of our ministries have one common focus and that is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all we do and use the infallible word of God as our instruction guide.  

We are a small, family church, that offers programs and small groups for the whole family or individuals seeking to grow in God’s word and connect with like minded believers in Christ.   

Our ministries are not social clubs, the focus is to grow together and lift each other up as we grow in our faith and relationship with God.  

None of our ministries have perfect people or perfect events, but are full of imperfect people seeking God’s wisdom and direction in an imperfect world until we are called home through our salvation of Jesus Christ.  



It is the mission of the Women’s Ministry to serve the women of Hickory Hills Baptist church and the communities in which we live in the knowledge and wisdom found through the gift of the Holy Spirit, established in salvation through redemption in Jesus Christ alone (cf: Eph 1:16-19).


To demonstrate, teach, and lead women in the Titus 2 charge: Teach what is good, love their husbands and children, exhibit self-control, and purity, manage their households well, and be kind and submissive to their own husbands (cf: Titus 2:3-5).


That the eyes of the hearts of the women in our church and our community would be enlightened through the teaching of sound biblical doctrine that imparts the nobility and honor of women, found only through God’s ordained roles and responsibilities, simply defined as biblical womanhood.


Men frequently connect and grow in their relationship with the Lord after joining our men's ministry. Men aren't made to live life on their own, without support, discipline, encouragement, or persistence. Make long-lasting friendships with other men who are maturing in their faith through Jesus Christ.

Over ten years ago, the Awana program began at Hickory Hills Baptist Church. This children’s discipleship has been around since 1950 where it started in the Chicago area. Each week over 4 million children and youth take part in Awana in over 69,000 churches in the US and over 120 countries around the world. Awana stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed”, based off of 2 Timothy 2:15. Our program is consistently a great source of sound, biblical principles and doctrines that teach our children the basics about the Bible. It teaches the gospel message and engages children in lifelong evagelism. Each week, children are asked to work through their age-appropriate Awana book and learn a biblical truth and a verse or passage to support that truth. These verses are memorized in order to guide our children through their lives and be prepared to share God’s Word with others. Our Awana program is open to any child between the ages of 3 (must be fully potty trained) and 18 years old. Our older students have opportunities to not only continue learning their own verses every week, but be student leaders helping the younger generation learn their lessons too. All parents and/or guardians are encouraged to attend our program and serve in some way, whether it be listening to memory verses, cleaning up, serving food, etc. There is no cost to our program. Your child will be given an Awana book when they arrive and it takes about one school year to work through a book. Our students are broken down into age-appropriate learning groups including Cubbies (3-5 year olds), Sparks (K-2 nd grades), Teens in Training or TnT (3 rd - 6 th grades), Trek (7 th -9 th grades), and Journey (10 th -12 th grades). Each night, the children will experience a group Bible lesson, game/craft time, a full dinner, and verses time where their book work will be completed. We have theme nights that are published through church communications that engage the children and give them the chance to earn extra points for the Awana Store. In addition to the theme night participation, our students also earn points for attending a weekend church service, bringing their Bibles, participating in games, bringing visitors to Awana, and completing an Awana book section every week. For those who are sick or unable to attend in person, the Commander will make appropriate accommodations to meet your needs. Our Awana Store occurs twice a year, once at the end of the fall semester and once at the end of the spring semester. Students use their earned points to “buy” store items which include toys, art supplies, gift cards, and a wide assortment of items. Our Awana is every Wednesday, 6-8:30pm. Our calendar coincides with the Wilson County School calendar. We will close for bad weather if Wilson County Schools are closed. Awana runs for 32 weeks. When not in session, a Prayer Meeting will be held at church Wednesdays, 7-8pm. Awana usually begins mid-August and runs through mid-May. The last night of Awana will be Awards Night and families are encouraged to attend to see how much your children have accomplished and grown spiritually throughout the year. We look forward to meeting your family and beginning or continuing your Awana journey. Many of our adults have participated in Awana as club members in their youth. It is a wonderful program for children and adults alike to memorize God’s Word and obtain a deeper understanding of the Bible. For any questions not addressed here, please contact our church office at 615-754-2575


2024 VBS

At Scuba VBS, kids dive into friendship with God. Scuba is filled with awesome Bible-learning experiences kids see, hear, and touch! Hands-on science experiments, team-building games, unforgettable Bible songs, and tasty treats are just a few of the standout activities that help faith flow into real life. (Kids might get a little messy. Be sure to send them in play clothes and sturdy shoes.) Plus, we'll help kids discover how to see evidence of God in everyday life­something we call God Sightings®. Get ready to hear that phrase a lot! Your kids will also participate in a global mission project, through a program called Operation Kid-to-Kid™, that will provide access to clean water and handwashing stations for kids in Honduras. Parents, grandparents, and friends are invited to join us at Fin-tastic Finale each day at Hickory Hills Baptist Church for an audience-engaging wrap-up of all the day's excitement.

So mark these dates on your calendar: June 17th, 2024 - June 21st, 2024. We dive in at 6:30 pm and re-surface at 8:30 pm. 

Download the form below or call (615) 754-2575 to register your children for this deep-sea adventure!

When complete, please email the form to

(Please complete a separate form for each child attending)

Registration will also be available on site each night of VBS. 


At Hickory Hills, we take a multi-faceted approach to youth ministry.  Our primary focus to teach our youth a God-centered approach to life that will travel with them no matter where the next step of their journey takes them.  Our goal in youth group is to develop personal spiritual growth by transporting the youth from the basic Bible stories that they learned in children’s Sunday School to the deeper concepts of what it means to be a complete Christian.  Our first mission is to convey the saving grace of Jesus Christ to our youth, and upon acceptance of Christ as their personal savior, we then focus on teaching what it means to be a servant Christian in God's kingdom.  The greatest focus of this spiritual maturing journey is the words of our Savior Jesus Christ, as we explore what it means to be God’s salt and light on this earth, and how any level of disobedience to God’s principles constitutes sin needing forgiveness and restoration of relationship with God to live a joyous Christian life.  As a part of this journey, we frequently compare how different denominations interpret various verses of the Bible to understand the foundations of the Baptist doctrine.  We believe that knowledge of the Bible and God’s principles is essential to equipping young Christians to stand as the next generation of leaders to carry the Gospel to a lost world. 

While Biblical knowledge and personal growth is our primary function, our secondary function is fellowship.  Too often today enemies of Christianity attempt to cause young believers to assume that they are alone in carrying the cross.  However, similar to what God told Elijah in the Old Testament, the truth is that there are many, many Christians across this country and around this world.  Fellowship is important to build Christian friendships among young believers because we stand strongest when we stand together.  For those familiar with God’s Word, the concept is precisely stated when the Bible says “a cord of three is not easily broken.”  Fellowship is demonstrated through time spent and friendships built together through social and service events designed to challenge youth to work together and have fun together. These range from Escape Room Challenges, Ropes Course Challenges, Church All Night Lock-Ins, Summer Youth Camp in the mountains of North Carolina, Corn Maze Challenges, Excursions to the Mall, Christian Concerts, Christian Based Movies, Working at the Nashville Rescue Mission, Working at Joseph’s Storehouse Food Distribution Center, and many, many others.  As one example, in 2022 we held the Youth Group Christmas Party in a stretch limousine which transported the group around Nashville to see Christmas lights while the youth opened their gifts inside the limo—giving these youth an experience that some may only enjoy on this singular occasion during their lifetime.  It is this innovative approach that helps the youth to build relationships through shared experiences that translates into lifelong Christian friendships that provide support and comradery far beyond the days spent together in youth group.

At Hickory Hills, our youth group membership begins upon entrance into middle school, typically around ages 11 or 12, and continues through high school graduation.  While much of the activities of the youth are sponsored by fundraisers put on by the youth themselves, the investment by the church body is ever-present as the members attend and contribute to youth projects.  As a result, our youth are expected to give back and contribute their time and talents to the other ministries and projects of the church so that all members of our congregation know our youth on a personal level and feel invested in helping each other grow in Christ and in helping our church fulfill its overall mission of service to the community.  In our youth, we stress that God alone controls the ‘when and where’ that our lives are set, and that He has planted each of us in our current situation for a specific purpose of carrying out His divine plan.  As such, He expects us to grow where we are planted, and be the Christian that shows God’s love to the people placed in our individual lives. 

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